The May December Twist

“Humphrey’s new chick-lit is a romping good time.”

-The Kirkus Review

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The May/December TwistBased on real life stories of unlikely but wildly passionate long-term relationships between older women and younger men, The May/December Twist is a tale of alliances, conflicting values and what’s important in the complicated search for love.

At fifty, finding romance is hard. It’s trickier if your three best friends (Liz, Kendra and Jo; together known as The Four) sign you up for a dating site and monitor your every move. And, the challenge becomes more complicated when Jo starts competing with Allie for contenders. Allie eventually settles for David, an age-appropriate schoolteacher. He’s pleasant, but makes her feel sleepy, not particularly passionate. A chance encounter leads Allie to Jameson, a self-made entrepreneur. He’s brilliant, interesting and wildly attractive. He decides to volunteer at her non-profit, “Twenty”; he believes in Allie’s vision of volunteering twenty minutes or twenty dollars to the community is brilliant. They share the same sense of values and have definite chemistry. The problem? He’s twenty-five years younger. The Four consider her crush on Jameson inappropriate. Jo can’t believe Allie isn’t choosing David. (Or does she want him for herself?) If Allie pursues her feelings will she lose The Four’s friendship? Another issue? The possible wrath of her twin twenty-one-year-old sons. And, why would Jameson ever consider her as relationship material anyway?

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