Winner, Theatre Unbound Monologue Competition, 2021

“Dogs and Nuts”

East/West PlayFest, Eastbound Theatre
Milford, Connecticut, July 2024

10 minutes

Camino Real Playhouse, San
Juan Capistrano Jan. 2024
Drunken Owl Theatre, Seattle Feb. 2024

Long one act

Ivorytown Women’s Playwright FestivalConnecticut, 2023

10 minutes

As If Theatre, Kenmore WA 2023

10 minutes

Wheaton Ten-Minute Play Festival, Wheaton, Maryland 2019
North Park Playwright Festival San Diego, CA 2023 BEST PLAY
NW 10 Play Festival Eugene, Oregon 2024
Marshall Area Stage Company 7th Biennial
Short Play Festival, St. Paul, Minnesota March, 2024


Colorado Theatre Guild, June 2020
Full virtual production

20 minutes

Little Fish Theatre, Long Beach CA.
2014 Full production
The Naples Players, Florida January 2021
Staged reading

30 minutes

Love Creek Productions, NYC 2003
full production

“Best Friends”
Read Here

The Coachella Review, December 2023