Writing, fighting about and being the subject of an obituary. Produced by Little Fish Theatre, Long Beach CA., January/February 2014 in “Pick of the Vine” Festival.


Two former lovers meet for dinner. He’s interested in the waitress; she wants his sperm. He owes her! The negotiations take a turn when a tourist with a past introduces a twist.

Produced in NYC, Love Creek Productions, full production, 2003.

“The Pack” (co-written with Amanda Aikman)

the pack, a romantic comedyA group of dog-obsessed single friends are challenged when one of them returns from Paris with a new love. She’s out to save the world and doesn’t believe designer water for dogs is reasonable. “The Pack” can’t believe she doesn’t “get” the dog world.

Produced in Seattle, Mae West Fest, and EdmondsWashington, Driftwood Theatre, (full productions)  and Play Café, Driftwood Theatre.