About Romney S. Humphrey

Romney Humphrey is a writer and playwright residing in the Pacific Northwest and California. Her plays have been performed and produced in theatres around the country.  She has written and produced extensive television, video, print and media projects for clients throughout the country.

A former educator, her original children’s television pilot, “Outside In” won a National Parent’s Choice Award. She was a writer for the PBS award winning series “The Art of Aging”. After a first career as an educator, she then worked as a writer/producer at a regional television station and as an independent consultant.  That was a rich and rewarding process, not just because she doesn’t suffer from PTSD when viewing promotional videos, unlike when she walks past any elementary school at recess and recalls the nightmare of playground duty.

She wrote her first book, “The May December Twist” after hearing several stories about older women and much younger men having highly successful and long-lasting relationships.  Also, as someone with a short attention span, she thought it would be a great challenge to see if she could remember, day after day, previous chapters she’d written. (She didn’t.  Constantly having to re-read her own book to recall the storyline was exhausting.)

“How I Learned I’m Old” came about because she is now old and had to process the fact. The book is a mostly hilarious and often poignant exploration of the complicated and surprising pre-twilight phase of life.

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“The Bench”
10 minute play being presented by Heralds of Hope Theater Company’s 10-Minute Play Festival November 9 and 10th. Wheaton, Maryland.
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