What happens when middle age mysteriously departs and old age claims its territory?

HOW I LEARNED I’M OLD is a collection of hilarious essays embedded with insights, poignant observations, and a checklist of “I can’t believe this has actually happened to me” for women over the age of sixty. Together, they tell the tale of what transpires when middle age mysteriously disappears and old age dares to claim its territory.

Topics range from the absurd (counting wrinkles on other women’s faces and the arrival of chin hairs), to the sublime (what, ultimately, is meaningful in life, regardless of age).

If you are one of this country’s 38 million female Baby Boomers, this book is for you! Women from all over the country are gathering for Book Club discussions about “How I Learned I’m Old” and gifting girlfriends with this easy, one-of-a-kind read.

A former media writer/producer, Romney Humphrey is the author of “Women I’ve Loved – Lessons from Friendships that Changed a Life” and is a nationally produced playwright.