What do you do with an off-kilter day?

When the assistance desk keeps you on hold for thirty-five minutes and you hang up after leaving your callback number but really don’t want to talk to them anymore anyway.

When that fourth in doubles puts the whole rhythm off.

When someone drops by that you’d rather say, “No thanks, not today” to but you smile, thinly.

When the news has some purple mixed in with all that black and grey and grim.


You take a long bath, but of course the hot water runs out too soon.

You hide under the covers and try for a nap, but the door slams just as you drift off.

You dutifully count blessings but it feels fake and artificial.

You do something nice for someone else but it is a hollow offering. Doesn’t count.

Finally, you pull out the three spectacular fortune cookies you tucked into your wallet two days previous when everything seemed grand and magical and ON.

Re-read them. Not bad.

Then, you wait.

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